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Our story

In 1920, on the initiative of Prince George Valentin Bibescu, the Royal Aeroclub of Romania (ARR) was founded, which became a legal entity on April 13, 1923. G.V. is elected executive vice-president. Bibescu, and the general secretary, commander aviator Andrei Popovici. ARR affiliates with the International Aeronautical Federation (FAI), its candidacy being voted unanimously at the FAI Conference from August 8-12, 1923 in Gothenburg. In 1936, ARR was transformed into the Royal Aeronautical Federation of Romania (FARR), which, on September 10, 1940, became the Romanian Aeronautical Federation (FAR), which operated until January 28, 1941. In October 1942, its duties were taken over by The Romanian Aeronautical Youth until February 1945 when the aeronautical organizations and sports aeroclubs were disbanded.

On October 20, 1947, the sports aviation heritage is taken over by the Popular Sports Organization (OSP) and the sports activity is subordinated to the Civil Aviation. In 1950 the activity was coordinated by the Central Commission of Sports Aviation (CCAS), and in 1953 by the Voluntary Association for the Support of National Defense, under the Ministry of National Defense. In 1954, this became the Voluntary Association for the Support of Homeland Defense (AVSAP), within which the Central Aeroclub was founded in 1954. In 1960 AVSAP was abolished, sports aviation passing under the Union for Physical Culture and Sport (UCFS), transformed into the National Council for Physical Culture and Sport (CNFS).


Central Aeroclub of the P.R.R. becomes the Romanian Aviation Federation, and piloting schools become flying clubs. On November 1, 1972, the Central Aeroclub becomes the Romanian Central Aeroclub, subordinate to the Department of Civil Aviation.

In 1991, by Government Decision no. 567 of August 16, 1991, the Central Aeroclub of Romania changed its name, becoming the Aeroclub of Romania, keeping in its heritage all the territorial aeroclubs, their infrastructure and flying material.


Romanian Aeroclub - Qualified Entity

Accredited on date of 28.12.2021 as Qualified Entity (QE) for the field of PEL- balloon and glider pilots in accordance with the applicable EASA regulations.

Based on this accreditation, the Balloon and Glider Personal Certification Service (SCPBP) performs the certification of glider and balloon pilots based on the accreditation certificate RO/EC-01 (left), through a team made up of extremely experienced examiners and young, ambitious and motivated pilots, willing to correctly and promptly apply European regulations in support of Romanian balloon and glider pilots.

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